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Multi-billion dollar development project facing foreclosure

It may be easy for Gainesville property owners that are facing foreclosure to be humiliated by their predicaments. A presumption may exist that staying on top of one's financial obligations in relation to a property is relatively easy, and that those who struggle with them only do so because of poor money management. Yet were one to actually know how many homes and property developments face the threat of foreclosure, the perceived stigma associated with such a dilemma might easily vanish. 

What can I do about a tax lien?

If you are a Georgia resident and are faced with a tax lien on your property, that means a delinquent debt liability has been recorded with one or more Superior Courts. According to the Department of Revenue, it can file the lien in order to secure the debt if it is in George's best interest.

Detailing deficiency judgments

No one in Gainesville wants to go through the struggle that comes with a foreclosure. Working with a lender to attempt to secure a loan modification is almost always the recommended course of action in order to stop the process. Yet for homeowners who are hopelessly upside down in their mortgages, allowing a foreclosure to happen may help them to get out from under their financial burdens and get the chance to find more affordable housing while they rebuild their credit. In such a situation, however, one wants to ensure that a foreclosure truly will net enough to pay off what they owe. 

Georgia homestead laws are silver lining to foreclosure

Losing a job in Georgia is a stressful event that continues to affect a person long after the deed is done. Unfortunately, one of the results may be another harrowing event, loss of a home, which can follow rapidly on the heels of the job loss. Having that happen may leave a couple or family in fear of what the future holds. One silver lining that can provide comfort in the face of a home foreclosure is the state‚Äôs homestead laws.

Looking for the light at the end of the foreclosure tunnel

It is no secret that budgeting can be difficult; throw the holidays into the mix, and that task can easily become a nightmare. Yet unemployment -- especially after the holiday season -- can top these pitfalls in its ability to affect both daily pursuits and overall quality of life. It is natural for any Georgia worker who has lost a job to fear the worst in regards to mortgage payments, but there are often many ways to look at this difficult conundrum. 

How can you avoid foreclosure rescue schemes?

When facing foreclosure, you are likely willing to do anything to keep your home in Gainesville. That may include taking the advice of so-called "experts" who claim they know of easy, low-cost ways of saving your home from foreclosure. Oftentimes, these are people involved is what has become known as "foreclosure rescue" schemes. They may come to you telling you they can get you a mortgage modification, or that by transferring your home's title to them (or a third party), you can continue living in it while paying rent (with, of course, the promise of being able to buy it back at a later date). Yet behind the scenes, they are trying to cash out your equity or arrange to sell your home out from under you. 

The details of unemployment and foreclosure in georgia

When it comes to job loss, the level of severity is irrelevant: the car still needs gas, bills still require payment and the mortgage does not halt when an occupation does. When a person becomes jobless, even the home can transform into an uncertainty. An abounding number of Georgia residents live with this fear, and many have already faced foreclosure. There are basic facts about joblessness and foreclosure in the state that one can become familiar with, should this unfortunate and often unexpected situation occur.

The financial options for struggling homeowners

Home foreclosure is an all-too-familiar term for some Georgia families. Despite a recovering economy, millions still struggle to make ends meet with low-wage jobs and demanding family needs. Job loss is one of the most common causes of home foreclosure, and while solutions may depend on specific household needs, understanding the process can save time and money in the future.

Beware fraudulent lending practices

Georgia residents who are struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments can understandably be worried about how they may avoid losing their homes and how to deal with sometimes aggressive debt collectors and lenders. One thing people in this situation should investigate is the validity of their mortgages. Sadly, some mortgage are better than others and that is not always about interest rates.

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