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How NACA can help save your home

Homeownership can bring pride and a sense of success. However, it can also result in stress and worry. Homeowners in Georgia who are struggling to pay the mortgage, whether because of increasing interest rates, change in income or unexpected bills, may fear they will lose their home. However, there are a number of state and federal programs that are designed to help people stay in their home and avoid foreclosure.

How can I recover from a foreclosure?

After a foreclosure you may think that your chances of ever owning a home again are slim to none. However, this isn’t always the case; there are quite a few things you can do to bounce back from a foreclosure, from credit repair to establishing a solid work history. U.S. News & World Report offers some insight on the steps you can take when seeking a new mortgage after a foreclosure.

Avoiding foreclosure as a landlord

From evicting a difficult tenant to the daily stressors that can arise with being a landlord, renting a home can be difficult at times. For some landlords, the threat of foreclosure can make daily life especially complicated. If you are renting to tenants and are worried about losing the home due to foreclosure, it is essential to know what your options are and carefully consider which course of action you will move forward with. In Gainesville and in other cities throughout the entire state of Georgia, many landlords and homeowners have had to face these challenges in recent years, so you should certainly not feel alone if you are working through this yourself.

Lost your job? Do not lose your home

Homeowners in Georgia who are going through a tough time financially due to unemployment or a reduction in income may be worried about how they are going to continue to pay their mortgage. Fortunately, there are a number of programs that are designed to help well-meaning homeowners avoid foreclosure and keep their home.

Pre-foreclosure initiated on former actor's home

Facing foreclosure in Gainesville may prompt some to withdraw from interactions with others in their communities out of embarrassment. The stigma that surrounds foreclosure may be based on an assumption that those who are dealing with it are only in a financial predicament because of poor money management. In reality, any number of reasons may exist as to why a home may go into foreclosure, and many of those having to face it may be people that most would never dream of having difficulties affording their properties. 

Multi-billion dollar development project facing foreclosure

It may be easy for Gainesville property owners that are facing foreclosure to be humiliated by their predicaments. A presumption may exist that staying on top of one's financial obligations in relation to a property is relatively easy, and that those who struggle with them only do so because of poor money management. Yet were one to actually know how many homes and property developments face the threat of foreclosure, the perceived stigma associated with such a dilemma might easily vanish. 

What can I do about a tax lien?

If you are a Georgia resident and are faced with a tax lien on your property, that means a delinquent debt liability has been recorded with one or more Superior Courts. According to the Department of Revenue, it can file the lien in order to secure the debt if it is in George's best interest.

Detailing deficiency judgments

No one in Gainesville wants to go through the struggle that comes with a foreclosure. Working with a lender to attempt to secure a loan modification is almost always the recommended course of action in order to stop the process. Yet for homeowners who are hopelessly upside down in their mortgages, allowing a foreclosure to happen may help them to get out from under their financial burdens and get the chance to find more affordable housing while they rebuild their credit. In such a situation, however, one wants to ensure that a foreclosure truly will net enough to pay off what they owe. 

Georgia homestead laws are silver lining to foreclosure

Losing a job in Georgia is a stressful event that continues to affect a person long after the deed is done. Unfortunately, one of the results may be another harrowing event, loss of a home, which can follow rapidly on the heels of the job loss. Having that happen may leave a couple or family in fear of what the future holds. One silver lining that can provide comfort in the face of a home foreclosure is the state’s homestead laws.

Looking for the light at the end of the foreclosure tunnel

It is no secret that budgeting can be difficult; throw the holidays into the mix, and that task can easily become a nightmare. Yet unemployment -- especially after the holiday season -- can top these pitfalls in its ability to affect both daily pursuits and overall quality of life. It is natural for any Georgia worker who has lost a job to fear the worst in regards to mortgage payments, but there are often many ways to look at this difficult conundrum. 

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