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An overview of LLC operational agreements

For those looking to create their own companies in Gainesville, there are a number of advantages to forming a limited liability company. It allows those running a business to separate their personal lives from their business practices, ensuring that any liability issues that face related to their companies are not felt at home. However, to protect the primary advantage of running one's own business (maintaining complete control), LLC founders need to consider creating an operational agreement. Many states require that an operational agreement be made when an LLC is established; Georgia does not. Yet those creating LLCs locally should strongly consider creating one, because if they don't, their companies' operations are then governed by state law.

How to get an alcohol permit

Business owners who would like to sell alcohol must comply by state and federal laws by getting the proper permits. Alcohol is a controlled substance that is carefully monitored by the government in Georgia to ensure minors are not getting access to it. For this reason, any business that sells alcohol must have an alcohol permit.

Obtaining licensure for food establishments

If you are hoping to start a food establishment in Georgia, it is essential to obtain the necessary permits and licenses before opening your doors. Here at The Roberts Law Firm, P.C., we understand the intricacies of business licensure, and we want to help you start off your business on the right foot.

Do you need an EIN?

One of the most important things for you to consider when forming a business is your tax profile. Depending on how you plan to operate, you may first need authorization from the Internal Revenue Service to manage your companies tax affairs and liabilities appropriately. This starts by understanding whether or not you need an Employment Identification Number (also called a business tax ID). You have likely seen one before; it should have been printed or written on all of the W-2 forms you have received from past employers. Yet without a working knowledge of the U.S. Tax Code, how are you to know if you need one? 

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