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Subscribers caught in between dispute over insurance rates

Many in Gainesville may understand the reasons why businesses and professional organizations that are party to contracts may understand the motivation to dispute them if such groups believe their terms to be disadvantageous. However, when such disputes involve service providers who serve a large number of customers or subscribers, pressure can soon begin to mount when such parties are deprived of those services. From an outside prospective, some may even believe that the parties involved in these types of contract disputes rely in such pressure to achieve their aims. 

Addressing contract dispute matters

When it comes to contract disputes, the consequences can be very damaging for businesses of all sizes and across various fields. Our law firm knows that these disputes can present various challenges for businesses across Georgia, such as a great deal of stress, time, money, and other resources. Moreover, the outcome of a contract dispute can impact business relationships, affect a company's reputation, and have other repercussions, which highlights how important it is for you to address a contract dispute appropriately.

Fraud in contract can lead to lawsuit

As reported in USA Today, lawsuit filings involving a professional football team’s s co-offensive coordinators of last season are in full force. In these cases, the plaintiff-coordinators allege that the athletic department and other specific individuals committed fraud in persuading the plaintiffs to sign a new contract.

What is contract consideration?

Contracts may seem to be such simple things; you and/or your company agrees to offer a service in exchange for a benefit from another party in Gainesville. Yet essential elements must be present in order for a contract to be considering legally binding. For example, the service that you provide and the benefit you recieve for it are both classified as consideration. What is consideration? The National Paralegal College defines it as an object, act or promise of value that a promisor recieves from a promisee in exhange for its promise. Indeed, according Section 13-3-1 of the Code of Georgia, consideration must be present for a contract to be valid. 

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