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What is a non-disclosure agreement?

Proper protection of confidential information is key in the world of business. That’s where non-disclosure agreements (NDA) come in. These agreements prevent essential information from being dispersed to others, which may result in stolen ideas and loss of money. Forbes explains what goes into making a binding NDA to ensure you and your business remain protected.

Handling a dispute over a construction contract

Contract disputes take many forms, but some can be especially difficult to work through. For example, disputes over a construction contract can be tough for contractors, homeowners and all parties involved. These disputes may arise for various reasons, whether they involve allegations of nonpayment or disagreements involving payments, delays, costs and many other aspects of construction contracts. Whether you run a construction company and are worried about the future of your business or you have found yourself in a disagreement with a contractor, it is essential to work towards a resolution and have a clear understanding of your options.

How can I handle business disputes?

When you enter into a business partnership in Georgia, chances are disputes are going to arise. While in some cases legal action will be necessary (and perhaps even beneficial to you), it’s also important to try to diffuse the situation on your own before you take more drastic measures. Business News Daily offers the following suggestions on different types of disputes arise, which can help you navigate complex disputes.

What goes into a binding lease agreement?

If you own a rental property in Georgia, creating a legally valid and binding lease agreement for tenants is the first step towards protecting your interests. The lease you create must contain all pertinent information, so the tenant is fully apprised of his or her responsibilities before moving in. explains which elements are essential within a lease agreement.

What makes a contract legally binding?

Creating a contract can offer you a peace of mind. However, contract law can be complex. It is essential that you make sure any contract you create or enter into is legally binding. This means that it can be enforced under the law and through a Georgia court. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, you need two specific elements present to make a contract legally binding.

What is "constructive termination?"

The fact that government agencies in Gainesville have the authority to terminate business contracts with you whenever they believe it to be in their best interests has been detailed on this blog in the past. Yet how does that process work? Typically, government organizations are viewed as being reliable partners. You would think, then, that is yours were going to end your agreement, it would give you ample notice. 

What is a breach of contract?

If you are like most Georgians, you have entered into many contracts so far in your life. Some were more important than others. Some were in writing; others were verbal. Some called themselves contracts; some called themselves something else such as your mortgage, your car loan, your agreement with your internet and/or cellphone provider, your order confirmation from an online vendor, etc. If you are married, your marriage license is a contract between you and your spouse.

Defining duress

The business contracts your company enters into with clients in Gainesville ensure you continued access to work and/or resources. Yet a bad contract can also lock you into a seemingly unfair agreement. You might tell yourself that you would never knowingly enter into a bad contract, yet many of those that we here at The Roberts Law Firm, P.C. have worked with once shared the same assertion. However, pressure-filled circumstances often prompted them to enter into such agreements. Could you reasonably be faced with the same sort of duress? 

The reality of business partnership disputes

Business partnerships can open endless doors, as they often help boost ideas and mold them into fruition. Yet most relationships -- including those of businesses -- face obstacles every now and then. Prior friendships, conflicting plans and expectations can sometimes get in the way of an otherwise thriving startup, but there are certain red flags to watch out for when combining creative efforts with another business in Georgia.

When can a client walk away from a contract?

The security that comes with working contractually in Gainesville is knowing that your contracted partner cannot just walk away from your agreement. There are, however, certain methods through which your partner can choose to seek an end to your contract: Either "for cause" or "for convenience." Understanding the difference between the two is vital given that the reason cited affects how much you may be entitled to collect. 

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