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The best way to terminate an employee

Firing an employee is always a complicated process for both the employee and the small business owners. Unfortunately, it's a process that almost every entrepreneur faces at one time or another. As the owner, you have to decide the best way to terminate an employee with the possible risk of legal repercussions. 

Sinking in debt?

Are you feeling like your mortgage is sinking underwater? Many Americans do. Suddenly faced with little to no equity due to shifts in local real estate values and an inability to pay the monthly bill because of a loss of employment, many homeowners wonder what they can do to keep their homes. One option to consider is a loan modification.

When you and a neighbor disagree about boundaries

You likely want to get along with your neighbors. After all, being right next to you, your neighbors, and their relationship with you, can very much impact your life as a homeowner. However, there are a range of things that could end up generating arguments between you and a neighbor. One major source of potential disputes between Georgia neighbors are boundaries.

Georgia ranked the top state for women entrepreneurs

You might be among the many women here in Georgia thinking about starting a business. If you are, one thing you might wonder is: How good is Georgia’s business environment for female entrepreneurs? You might find where Georgia landed in a recent set of rankings on this topic to be incredibly encouraging.

What should a business owner include in an employee handbook?

The contents of your employee handbook can be a key component to your start-up business’ success. Strong employee handbooks discuss a company’s policies, benefits, and values and relay the employer’s expectations to their employees. With the recent news coverage, a good place for a business owner to start may be developing the company’s anti-harassment policy that will be included in the handbook.

When does your business need a lawyer?

Most small businesses start out, well, small. Not much for assets or employees, but there’s most definitely sweat equity from the owner. Most owners, as the company grows, put dollars earned right back into the business. Costs need to be managed and minimized. But, at some point, you’ll need a lawyer.

Contracts can break down at any step in the process

A fundamental principle in business is the agreement between two parties for goods and services. Sometimes it’s a buyer-seller relationship, other times it’s something behind the scenes that is essential to help you get your job done. Whatever the contract is, it affects your bottom line and your business overall. It may be something obvious and central to your brand or it can be a subtle cog in the system.

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