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Can a mortgage modification stop my foreclosure?

Falling behind on your mortgage is never a good thing. The bank moves rather quickly to begin foreclosure proceedings. You are best off trying to find a way to avoid missing a payment and entering foreclosure. It is easier to deal with the issue before it becomes a problem as this shows your willingness to work with your lender to find a solution that will avoid having to take things through the Georgia courts.

The pros and cons of incorporating in Georgia

Among the first things that new business owners in Georgia and elsewhere must do is to decide how to structure their companies. One option they may consider is incorporation, or forming a C-corp. To help them decide if a corporation is the right structure for their needs, it behooves business owners to carefully analyze the benefits and disadvantage of this option.

The benefits of an LLC business structure

You have run the numbers and conducted market research. Now you are ready to take the plunge and become a Georgia small business owner. Choosing a Limited Liability Corporation as your entity’s structure has many benefits, including flexibility, as your company grows. At The Roberts Law Firm, P.C., we assist clients through all phases of their business, from startup and development to implementation and business succession.

What is a property lien?

Whether buying or selling property in Georgia, due diligence is a must. This is why many people involved in real estate transactions perform title searches to make sure there are no property liens associated with a home. provides more information on property liens and how you can check for one.

Why would a partner terminate a contract "for convenience?"

The concept of terminating contracts "for convenience" had been brought up on this blog in the past. As was mentioned previously, this right is automatically afforded to government agencies (private organizations can only terminate a contract for convenience if that privilege is afforded to them in a contract's terms). The question then becomes under what scenarios might a contractual partner cite for ending your agreement in this manner, and what (if any) expenses you can recover in this scenario. 

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