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Steps to avoid foreclosure

Foreclosure is a scary prospect for homeowners in Georgia. That’s why it’s important to know which steps to take prevent your home being taken by the lender to make up for missed mortgage payments. USA.gov explains how you can avoid foreclosure, as well as how to identify any potential scams.

Blurred lines of property disputes

You hope to foster good relationships with your neighbors. They are handy to have around when you’re short two tablespoons of sugar, or your fridge breaks down and you need some extra storage for the day. But unlike your backyard garden, it’s not always daisies and roses when it comes to property disputes. Instead of waving to your neighbor across the fence, you may be tempted to knock it down.

How NACA can help save your home

Homeownership can bring pride and a sense of success. However, it can also result in stress and worry. Homeowners in Georgia who are struggling to pay the mortgage, whether because of increasing interest rates, change in income or unexpected bills, may fear they will lose their home. However, there are a number of state and federal programs that are designed to help people stay in their home and avoid foreclosure.

What makes a contract legally binding?

Creating a contract can offer you a peace of mind. However, contract law can be complex. It is essential that you make sure any contract you create or enter into is legally binding. This means that it can be enforced under the law and through a Georgia court. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, you need two specific elements present to make a contract legally binding.

3 tips on mergers & acquisitions

As a Georgia business owner, you’re likely well-aware that growing your enterprise is a vital aspect of success. Merging is with an existing business is one way to pursue your goals and going into the process with the right information is hugely important. Entrepreneur offers tips on how achieve a successful merger, which will help ensure success and prevent potentially damaging legal issues from occurring.

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