Can you transfer your business permit?

Getting your initial business permit can be a complex process, yet once you have it in hand, maintaining it can be relatively straightforward. Even while renewing it may be necessary, it can be done fairly simply. Yet what if the need arises to transfer it? A number of different scenarios may prompt you to consider such an action. Your business may outgrow your current location, causing you to search for a bigger property. You may want to transition ownership of the company to a partner or a successor. The question is can you even do it? 

According to the Business License Code for Hall County, transferring licenses from one business location to another is allowed. There is one caveat: The ownership must remain the same. So you can indeed transfer your permit to cover your operations in a new facility or office provided that you still own the business. You cannot endow the license on a new ownership group; it would have to secure its own (and pay the required fees). 

You cannot simply move to a new spot and expect that your current permit will be recognized. If any of the information on your permit is not current, it is considered invalid. Therefore, you must notify the county's business license office within 30 days of your relocation with your new business address. If you do not, you could find yourself facing fines and penalties for not only operating without the proper license, but also for zoning or building code violations that your permit would normally exempt you from. 

You can also transfer your business permit in the event that you change the type of business you do (again, only if ownership remains the same). You would simply need to contact the right regulatory authorities as was mentioned above. 

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