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What is "constructive termination?"

The fact that government agencies in Gainesville have the authority to terminate business contracts with you whenever they believe it to be in their best interests has been detailed on this blog in the past. Yet how does that process work? Typically, government organizations are viewed as being reliable partners. You would think, then, that is yours were going to end your agreement, it would give you ample notice. 

Sinking in debt?

Are you feeling like your mortgage is sinking underwater? Many Americans do. Suddenly faced with little to no equity due to shifts in local real estate values and an inability to pay the monthly bill because of a loss of employment, many homeowners wonder what they can do to keep their homes. One option to consider is a loan modification.

Things to think about when starting a contracting business

At the Roberts Law Firm PC in Georgia, we believe in entrepreneurs like you. We also know, however, that starting a new business is not only exciting, but also complicated and fraught with possible perils. The decisions you make before ever opening your doors for business can have positive – or negative – effects on your company for years to come. That is why is it so important that you think carefully before making any decision.

Pre-foreclosure initiated on former actor's home

Facing foreclosure in Gainesville may prompt some to withdraw from interactions with others in their communities out of embarrassment. The stigma that surrounds foreclosure may be based on an assumption that those who are dealing with it are only in a financial predicament because of poor money management. In reality, any number of reasons may exist as to why a home may go into foreclosure, and many of those having to face it may be people that most would never dream of having difficulties affording their properties. 

Understanding DBA registrations

Name recognition is among the most sought-after benefits that businesses in Gainesville aspire towards. A company's name can be as valuable as its brand, products or services. Thus, a good deal of consideration should go into choosing a company name during a business' formative stages. In some cases, one's own name fits the business that he or she runs best. However, many also see the benefit of establishing an entirely different name that prospctive clients can associate solely with that business. 

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