When you and a neighbor disagree about boundaries

You likely want to get along with your neighbors. After all, being right next to you, your neighbors, and their relationship with you, can very much impact your life as a homeowner. However, there are a range of things that could end up generating arguments between you and a neighbor. One major source of potential disputes between Georgia neighbors are boundaries.

The impactful nature of boundary disputes

There are many things that could lead to a boundary dispute between you and a neighbor. This can include things like you or your neighbor planning to build a fence or make some other addition to a property. However such a dispute comes about, how it is handled can have significant impacts. And these impacts aren't just limited to how well you and your neighbor get along. What happens with such disputes could also affect your property rights and your current and future plans for your property.

So, when you are in a property dispute with a neighbor, it can be critical to give careful thought to how best to resolve it. Below are a few common routes for addressing boundary disputes.

The out-of-court options

You may desire to keep the dispute out of the courts and resolve it before it becomes a potentially costly legal battle. There are multiple routes through which this could potentially be achieved. One is negotiating an agreement with your neighbor over the boundary. Another is having an updated property survey done to see if that adds enough clarification to the matter to bring the dispute to an end.

Taking a boundary dispute to court

There are some instances when the out-of-court options for resolving the dispute might not work. When this happens, the dispute may end up needing to be resolved through litigation. This could include bringing a quiet title lawsuit. In such a lawsuit, a property owner can ask that a court reach a determination on what the boundary of a given property is.

Whether handling things in or out of court, the guidance you have matters

Whatever route you end up selecting for trying to resolve a boundary dispute, it can be crucial to have a clear picture of your rights and options and the potential issues and impacts related to the route you have chosen. Seeking out quality legal guidance could help with gaining such a picture. Having such guidance can also prove important when navigating the various steps of the route you have chosen.

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