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What can you do to build a strong foundation for your start-up?

If you have recently launched your start-up company, chances are you have already poured hundreds of hours into strategizing, analyzing and planning how to market and sell your product or service in Georgia. Propelling your company past competitors and highlighting what makes your product unique are tasks that can only be accomplished with a solid foundation. Additionally, you must remember that maintaining a smooth-functioning organization will require dedication and persistence. 

Georgia ranked the top state for women entrepreneurs

You might be among the many women here in Georgia thinking about starting a business. If you are, one thing you might wonder is: How good is Georgia’s business environment for female entrepreneurs? You might find where Georgia landed in a recent set of rankings on this topic to be incredibly encouraging.

Detailing deficiency judgments

No one in Gainesville wants to go through the struggle that comes with a foreclosure. Working with a lender to attempt to secure a loan modification is almost always the recommended course of action in order to stop the process. Yet for homeowners who are hopelessly upside down in their mortgages, allowing a foreclosure to happen may help them to get out from under their financial burdens and get the chance to find more affordable housing while they rebuild their credit. In such a situation, however, one wants to ensure that a foreclosure truly will net enough to pay off what they owe. 

An overview of LLC operational agreements

For those looking to create their own companies in Gainesville, there are a number of advantages to forming a limited liability company. It allows those running a business to separate their personal lives from their business practices, ensuring that any liability issues that face related to their companies are not felt at home. However, to protect the primary advantage of running one's own business (maintaining complete control), LLC founders need to consider creating an operational agreement. Many states require that an operational agreement be made when an LLC is established; Georgia does not. Yet those creating LLCs locally should strongly consider creating one, because if they don't, their companies' operations are then governed by state law.

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