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The reality of business partnership disputes

Business partnerships can open endless doors, as they often help boost ideas and mold them into fruition. Yet most relationships -- including those of businesses -- face obstacles every now and then. Prior friendships, conflicting plans and expectations can sometimes get in the way of an otherwise thriving startup, but there are certain red flags to watch out for when combining creative efforts with another business in Georgia.

Georgia homestead laws are silver lining to foreclosure

Losing a job in Georgia is a stressful event that continues to affect a person long after the deed is done. Unfortunately, one of the results may be another harrowing event, loss of a home, which can follow rapidly on the heels of the job loss. Having that happen may leave a couple or family in fear of what the future holds. One silver lining that can provide comfort in the face of a home foreclosure is the state’s homestead laws.

What should a business owner include in an employee handbook?

The contents of your employee handbook can be a key component to your start-up business’ success. Strong employee handbooks discuss a company’s policies, benefits, and values and relay the employer’s expectations to their employees. With the recent news coverage, a good place for a business owner to start may be developing the company’s anti-harassment policy that will be included in the handbook.

Four types of companies for the way you want to conduct business

Starting a business in Georgia can be scary, but it is exciting too. It can also be confusing and more than a little frustrating to wade through the paperwork that comes with such a venture. There are many decisions to make before you even open the doors, decisions that will impact your business and how it operates. The team at the Roberts Law Firm often helps people understand the pros and cons of these choices so they can make informed decisions and get their business started on the right foot.

Challenging zoning restrictions in Georgia

As any real estate development expert in Gainesville will tell you, one of the primary keys to success in such ventures is "location, location, location." Several past clients have come to us here at The Roberts Law Firm, P.C. convinced that they had found the prime location for their development projects, only to then see their efforts thwarted due to zoning issues. If you are encountering the same difficulties, what are you to do? Is it possible to challenge zoning restrictions? 

Looking for the light at the end of the foreclosure tunnel

It is no secret that budgeting can be difficult; throw the holidays into the mix, and that task can easily become a nightmare. Yet unemployment -- especially after the holiday season -- can top these pitfalls in its ability to affect both daily pursuits and overall quality of life. It is natural for any Georgia worker who has lost a job to fear the worst in regards to mortgage payments, but there are often many ways to look at this difficult conundrum. 

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