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Forming an LLC

Starting up a business can be a scary venture, even when you have the assistance of friends and associates in Gainesville. All of the excitement that you and your potential partners may feel about charting your own professional course is often tempered by the hesitancy to stake your own personal assets on what is (at least at this point) an unknown commodity. Many have seen this same concern deter them from ever branching out on their own. Several of our past clients have come to us here at The Roberts Law Firm, P.C. asking what is better: To enjoy the protection offered by a corporate structure or the control afforded by a business partnership? Our response: Why not have both? 

When does your business need a lawyer?

Most small businesses start out, well, small. Not much for assets or employees, but there’s most definitely sweat equity from the owner. Most owners, as the company grows, put dollars earned right back into the business. Costs need to be managed and minimized. But, at some point, you’ll need a lawyer.

When can a client walk away from a contract?

The security that comes with working contractually in Gainesville is knowing that your contracted partner cannot just walk away from your agreement. There are, however, certain methods through which your partner can choose to seek an end to your contract: Either "for cause" or "for convenience." Understanding the difference between the two is vital given that the reason cited affects how much you may be entitled to collect. 

How can you avoid foreclosure rescue schemes?

When facing foreclosure, you are likely willing to do anything to keep your home in Gainesville. That may include taking the advice of so-called "experts" who claim they know of easy, low-cost ways of saving your home from foreclosure. Oftentimes, these are people involved is what has become known as "foreclosure rescue" schemes. They may come to you telling you they can get you a mortgage modification, or that by transferring your home's title to them (or a third party), you can continue living in it while paying rent (with, of course, the promise of being able to buy it back at a later date). Yet behind the scenes, they are trying to cash out your equity or arrange to sell your home out from under you. 

The details of unemployment and foreclosure in georgia

When it comes to job loss, the level of severity is irrelevant: the car still needs gas, bills still require payment and the mortgage does not halt when an occupation does. When a person becomes jobless, even the home can transform into an uncertainty. An abounding number of Georgia residents live with this fear, and many have already faced foreclosure. There are basic facts about joblessness and foreclosure in the state that one can become familiar with, should this unfortunate and often unexpected situation occur.

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