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Handling a dispute over a construction contract

Contract disputes take many forms, but some can be especially difficult to work through. For example, disputes over a construction contract can be tough for contractors, homeowners and all parties involved. These disputes may arise for various reasons, whether they involve allegations of nonpayment or disagreements involving payments, delays, costs and many other aspects of construction contracts. Whether you run a construction company and are worried about the future of your business or you have found yourself in a disagreement with a contractor, it is essential to work towards a resolution and have a clear understanding of your options.

As with any type of dispute over a contract, it is essential to carefully review all of the details of the contract. You might be able to settle a dispute without the disagreement ever making its way to the courtroom. However, some disputes can be very heated and inevitably end up in court. If you are facing legal action over a contract dispute, it is essential to know which options you might have and approach the case appropriately. After all, the outcome of this dispute could affect you in many ways. For example, your construction company's future could be affected by the end result of a contract dispute and you may also be significantly impacted from a financial point of view too.

Sales and Use Tax law in Georgia

You want to start a business selling your handmade goods. You lease a building, decorate the space and begin producing to sell your product. Before you can legally sell your goods to the public, you want to register your business with the Georgia Tax Center so that you can begin paying sales and use taxes on your product.


The best way to terminate an employee

Firing an employee is always a complicated process for both the employee and the small business owners. Unfortunately, it's a process that almost every entrepreneur faces at one time or another. As the owner, you have to decide the best way to terminate an employee with the possible risk of legal repercussions. 

John A. Roberts, Esq., of Gainesville, Georgia has been certified as a member of Lawyers of Distinction

Lawyers of Distinction is the fastest growing legal honorary organization in the United States, with members from all fifty states. Membership shall not be confirmed to more than 10% of lawyers in any given state. Lawyers of Distinction recognizes over twenty different practice areas. Lawyers of Distinction uses its own independent criteria, including both objective and subjective factors, in determining if an attorney can be recognized as a Lawyer of Distinction in the United States in their respective field.

John Roberts is the owner and senior member of the firm and has a diverse business, educational and legal background which brings unique insights to the administration and daily delivery of legal representation to our clients. Graduating from Indiana State University in 1972, Mr. Roberts began his career in the area of Risk Management for hospitals which exceeded 800 beds. Having worked closely with medical staff, Boards of Directors and hospital administration, Mr. Roberts gained unmatched experience in the management of medical and hospital liability and malpractice.

How can I handle business disputes?

When you enter into a business partnership in Georgia, chances are disputes are going to arise. While in some cases legal action will be necessary (and perhaps even beneficial to you), it’s also important to try to diffuse the situation on your own before you take more drastic measures. Business News Daily offers the following suggestions on different types of disputes arise, which can help you navigate complex disputes.

Disputes involving intellectual property

How can I increase my savings?

Having a robust savings account is a must for families in Georgia. Savings can act as an emergency fund during times of need and may even help you pay your mortgage when your income is lacking. Because saving money is so important, offers the following advice.

Cut back on spending

What can I do about boundary disputes?

Property disputes certainly aren’t uncommon among neighbors. While it may be necessary to file suit at some point, there are steps you can take resolve disputes in a peaceful manner when armed with the right information. recommends the following tips to property owners in Georgia faced with disputed boundaries.

Get information on your property line

How a once affordable home becomes unaffordable

Buying a home is one of the largest investments most of us will ever make. The payoff is worth it, however, because payments made to the lender get you closer to full ownership and financial security.

Unfortunately, if a homeowner’s financial situation changes for any reason, it can be very easy to get behind on payments to the lender.

What goes into a binding lease agreement?

If you own a rental property in Georgia, creating a legally valid and binding lease agreement for tenants is the first step towards protecting your interests. The lease you create must contain all pertinent information, so the tenant is fully apprised of his or her responsibilities before moving in. explains which elements are essential within a lease agreement.

Include property information

Steps to reduce debt

If you’re facing foreclosure in Georgia, reducing debt should be your first priority. No matter where you are in the process, swift action is crucial to potentially save your home and get your finances back on track. explains how you can go about tackling debt starting today.

Start saving now

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