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How can you avoid foreclosure rescue schemes?

When facing foreclosure, you are likely willing to do anything to keep your home in Gainesville. That may include taking the advice of so-called "experts" who claim they know of easy, low-cost ways of saving your home from foreclosure. Oftentimes, these are people involved is what has become known as "foreclosure rescue" schemes. They may come to you telling you they can get you a mortgage modification, or that by transferring your home's title to them (or a third party), you can continue living in it while paying rent (with, of course, the promise of being able to buy it back at a later date). Yet behind the scenes, they are trying to cash out your equity or arrange to sell your home out from under you. 

Fortunately, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency of the U.S Treasury Department has provided some tips on helping to spot such schemes. These include: 

  • Avoid people telling you that they will let you live in the home once you sign it over: Once ownership is transferred, the schemer can evict you, charge you insanely high rent or just sell the home. 
  • Don't believe people who cite little-known laws: Some fraudsters will try to win your trust by claiming your lender has no legal right to foreclose. 
  • Don't listen to any advice telling you to stop contacting your lender: Schemers want to prey on your ignorance, and thus will tell you to avoid default or foreclosure notices and that they are handling everything. 

The details of unemployment and foreclosure in georgia

When it comes to job loss, the level of severity is irrelevant: the car still needs gas, bills still require payment and the mortgage does not halt when an occupation does. When a person becomes jobless, even the home can transform into an uncertainty. An abounding number of Georgia residents live with this fear, and many have already faced foreclosure. There are basic facts about joblessness and foreclosure in the state that one can become familiar with, should this unfortunate and often unexpected situation occur.

MSNBC considered the prevalent issue of unemployment and foreclosure, noting that the 2013 refusal from Congress to renew federal benefits for the unemployed left millions without solutions. In fact, over 1.7 million Americans had once benefited from these unemployment checks, and that number has likely risen. In addition, MSNBC shares data from the Urban Institute that roughly 54 percent of long-term unemployed citizens live in owner-occupied homes. Despite recovery since the 2008 housing crisis, countless Georgia residents still face this daily financial struggle -- and this article shows that only a small percentage of those who file for unemployment benefits see full-time employment in the months and years that follow.

How to get an alcohol permit

Business owners who would like to sell alcohol must comply by state and federal laws by getting the proper permits. Alcohol is a controlled substance that is carefully monitored by the government in Georgia to ensure minors are not getting access to it. For this reason, any business that sells alcohol must have an alcohol permit.

The Department of Revenue explains that a business owner must fill out proper documentation based on the type of alcohol permit he or she would like. Many businesses will need multiple permits depending on the type of alcohol being sold, which all require different documentation. 

The financial options for struggling homeowners

Home foreclosure is an all-too-familiar term for some Georgia families. Despite a recovering economy, millions still struggle to make ends meet with low-wage jobs and demanding family needs. Job loss is one of the most common causes of home foreclosure, and while solutions may depend on specific household needs, understanding the process can save time and money in the future.

In 2014, CBS 46 News showcased an answer to thousands of Georiga families struggling with foreclosure: Homesafe Georgia. According to the article, the organization has helped save countless families from foreclosure by stepping in as financial support. Homesafe is an answer to those facing foreclosure from unemployment and, using federal funds, the program has come to the rescue by paying mortgages for those in need. Homesafe also responds to those on the brink of foreclosure as a result of underemployment and other financial struggles. CBS shares that the program covers mortgages for up to 24 months, and has since expanded their assistance to help those in financial emergencies due to military involvement, medical issues and death--they have also improved their response times in assisting families.

What can I do about a neighbor putting up a fence on my property?

If the person next door to your home in Georgia is claiming that the piece of property is not yours, but belongs to the neighbor, this would not be a very unusual dispute that arises, unfortunately.

If that neighbor has already started building the fence, the situation probably just got worse. This person may now has a vested interest in not losing the money he has already put into the fence.

Subscribers caught in between dispute over insurance rates

Many in Gainesville may understand the reasons why businesses and professional organizations that are party to contracts may understand the motivation to dispute them if such groups believe their terms to be disadvantageous. However, when such disputes involve service providers who serve a large number of customers or subscribers, pressure can soon begin to mount when such parties are deprived of those services. From an outside prospective, some may even believe that the parties involved in these types of contract disputes rely in such pressure to achieve their aims. 

That is exactly what state employees in Connecticut are accusing a regional healthcare organization of. An ongoing dispute between the organization and the health insurance carrier Anthem has left these employees facing the prospect of having to pay exponentially more for their healthcare. In the past, their insurance benefits have only required small co-pays and fees between $5-$40 for outpatient services and medications. Yet since the healthcare organization has yet to reach an agreement with Anthem on its service rates, its providers are now considered to be out-of-network for state employees. This could leave them being forced to pay as much as 20 percent of the charges for the services they receive. 

I am struggling with my mortgage. Can I get a loan modification?

You may be able to pursue a loan modification in Georgia if you can come to an agreement with your mortgage holder. A loan modification occurs when you two can agree to change the terms of your mortgage.

As explained by Georgia’s Office of Attorney General, some of the terms you may consider changing include the following:

  • Changing the interest rate
  • Making the length of the loan longer
  • Adjusting the remaining balance on the principal

Georgia among the best states for businesses

Many factors go into the brainstorming and formation of a business. First, you have to recognize your ability to work independently in a chosen field. Then, you have to find partners, investors, property and write a formal plan. One of the most motivating factors in running a business is the opportunity to make your own money, and factors that affect your local business environment such as zoning, taxes and economic development should also come into play that could affect your moneymaking ability.

Although starting a business requires a careful process, the good news is that owning a business in Georgia could be better than owning it somewhere else. The magazine Site Selection recently named the Peach State as the best state for business for the fifth consecutive year.

Obtaining licensure for food establishments

If you are hoping to start a food establishment in Georgia, it is essential to obtain the necessary permits and licenses before opening your doors. Here at The Roberts Law Firm, P.C., we understand the intricacies of business licensure, and we want to help you start off your business on the right foot.

The department from which you request a license depends on the type of business you wish to open. According to the Georgia Department of Agriculture, you must report to the state if your establishment will primarily sell food that your customers will prepare and eat elsewhere. Convenience stores and grocery stores fall under this category. On the other hand, if you open a restaurant or similar establishment which prepares food to be consumed on the premises, you should get a license from your county. Both the sales and service business permits have stringent regulations for food safety.

An S corporation has advantages over a regular corporation

Starting a Georgia business is an exciting event, but it comes with many important decisions, including what form of business to create.

Forming a corporation, instead of moving forward as a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability corporation, can provide benefits that are more appropriate for some going concerns. However, corporations, which come in multiple forms, may be more complex to create and operate.

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