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Are verbal contracts enforceable?

Many small business owners in Georgia enter into verbal contracts from time to time. In the event that the terms of these contracts are breached, it may be necessary to seek legal assistance, especially when money is on the line. However, The Balance explains that although verbal contracts may be legal, they’re not always enforceable in a court of law.

The real issue is the lack of evidence. Verbal contracts can very quickly devolve into a war of words between two parties. That means it may be impossible to show what terms were actually agreed to on either side. If terms can’t be established then it stands to reason that a breach of contract can’t be established either. In fact, some states even mandate that certain types of contracts must be written in order to be legally binding.

Your landlord could evict you

As a renter, there is an expectation that you will abide by the terms of the lease you established with your landlord, or rental company. This agreement serves to protect their interests, though it outlines your rights as well. While a lease typically provides you and your landlord the opportunity to terminate this agreement, you may be interested in understanding the circumstances under which doing so is legal.

In some cases, you could face an eviction notice. That said, even if you are behind on your rent or are not in compliance with your rental agreement, a notice from your landlord is still required. If you do not get back in compliance with your agreement, your landlord can file for your eviction. However, if your landlord does not handle this in accordance with set legal procedures, you may have grounds to maintain possession of that property, according to the terms of your lease.

Important aspects of an agreement with your contractor

The anticipation of renovating your property in Georgia has you scouring the internet for inspiration to completely update your current space. In your preparation, you have found a reliable contractor who you feel good about working with. Now, it is time to form an agreement for the work you wish to have done on your property. At The Roberts Law Firm, P.C., we have helped many people to protect their assets in regards to working with real estate. 

Before you pay any money to your contractor, you should have a written agreement in hand that details the responsibilities of both you and the contractor you are interested in hiring for the job. Both parties should clearly understand the terms, as well as any consequences for failing to abide by the contract. 

What could cause you to go bankrupt?

Managing personal finances can be frustrating at times when unexpected expenses come up that leave you scrambling to pay your bills. Chances are, you have heard of other people in Georgia who have had to go to extreme measures to survive circumstances that have left them struggling to reassess their finances. Understanding issues that could cause you to have to file for bankruptcy may help you to make wiser financial decisions to avoid having to make that decision. 

Often, the biggest reason why you may end up bankrupt is that your finances have been mismanaged. According to The Motley Fool, credit card debt can be another dangerous trap. If you have accumulated excessive debts on your credit cards, it is best to begin paying them off immediately. Remember that the money you spend on your credit card will need to eventually be paid back. One of the best things you can do is to only purchase things on your credit card that you know you have funds to cover when the time comes to pay back your debts. 

How can you recover from going through a foreclosure?

Despite your efforts to keep your home in Georgia, it went into foreclosure and left you reeling with the stress of the situation. Now, you are looking for ways to recover your situation as you work toward rebuilding your financial foundation and regaining the confidence of being able to manage your money effectively. 

While foreclosure is certainly not ideal and has probably left you with considerable consequences, you can recover when you implement the right strategies and work consistently to improve your situation. According to The Detroit News, some of the things that you can do include the following:

  • Make repairing your credit a priority. Be on time with paying your bills and even consider taking out a loan or credit card that you know you can feasibly pay off in an effort to demonstrate your ability to be prompt. 
  • Consider working with a financial advisor who may be able to help you reorganize your finances and learn new methods for managing your money that can help you avoid a similar situation in the future. 
  • Look closely at your finances and make a resolve to change poor spending habits. Live within your means and practice saving. Work toward purchasing another home, but before you do make sure you have saved a considerable amount for a down payment. 

What should I do if faced with a foreclosure?

If you’re facing a foreclosure in Georgia, you’re probably quite worried about the prospect of using your home. While foreclosure may be inevitable in some cases, taking the right steps can mitigate the process or even prevent it for some homeowners. Forbes explains what you should do if foreclosure is a possibility.

Understand the process

Mitigating the challenges of starting a new business venture

When people begin a new business in Georgia, they often spend considerable time assessing the market, consumer desires and the potential of their product to effectively compete with other offers from different companies. While the challenges that each organization will face vary depending on the products they provide, the structure they have selected for their business, their areas of expertise and weakness, and even the market they are in, understanding some common obstacles that arise early on in a business venture may help entrepreneurs to be better prepared for what is ahead. 

One of the first components to facilitating a successful startup requires people to put together a team of like-minded individuals who can contribute an array of strengths to create a secure network that works effectively to accomplish business initiatives. In doing so, they have the potential to begin building their brand and their reputation simultaneously to make a name for themselves in an ever-growing market. Entrepreneurs must also be aware that their decision to start a business will require them to be flexible in contributing to various parts of their business even if they are out of their comfort zone. Their ability to diversify will be crucial to getting things done in the early stages when the kinks are still being figured out. 

What is the purpose of an operational agreement?

When you start a business in Georgia, you have many documents you must create. These documents help you to ensure your business meets legal requirements and protects your business. Some documents also help protect you and ensure your rights are maintained. If you start a limited liability company, one of those documents is an operational agreement, which the Small Business Association explains is a written document outlining the function, form and purpose of your business.

In your agreement, you should include the names of each owner, along with their addresses. You also want to outline the percentage of ownership for each owner, along with their rights and responsibilities. Make sure to identify who is in charge of each aspect of the business, including who has the power to make decisions or what process will be used to make decisions.

What should business owners look for in a lease?

Many business owners lease a space for their company. Leasing is cheaper than a full-out purchase and can carry less risk if your business needs change.

One of the most important aspects of a potential rental space is the lease. Here are some things you should look for before signing a business lease:

Aspects that you should consider before making an offer on a home

You are excitingly anticipating buying a new home and you have recently found the perfect house in Georgia that you are interested in making an offer on. Because you are aware that you are not the only interested buyer, you are looking for ways to polish your offer to give yourself the best chance at winning over the seller. At The Roberts Law Firm, P.C., we have helped many people to effectively manage the process of buying a new home without compromising what they want. 

While you may not see your offer as anything more than a request, your offer is an imperative opportunity for you to define your requirements as the buyer. This is your chance to disclose the contingencies you have that if honored, will make this home the one you end up buying. 

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