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You have installed an aftermarket product to your vehicle's engine to improve horsepower, fuel economy, or other performance in your truck or car. Now, suddenly the vehicle's manufacturer is voiding the warranty stating that the vehicle's engine has been modified. If your warranty has been wrongfully denied by an auto manufacturer, speak with an experienced warranty dispute attorney at The Roberts Law Firm, P.C., in Gainesville, Georgia.

At The Roberts Law Firm, we have extensive experience representing individuals and third party aftermarket product manufacturers in auto warranty claims. We have successfully advocated for our clients' interests and forced auto manufacturers to enforce warranty coverage.

Trust Our Experience in Auto Warranty Litigation

We represent Hypertech, a worldwide leading manufacturer of regular fuel and diesel engine aftermarket automotive products based in Memphis, Tennessee. In connection with this representation, we represent individuals in Georgia and nationwide in auto warranty litigation against the automobile manufacturers.

We recognize that replacing an engine in many of our client's vehicles can range from $18,000-$25,000 or more. It is unacceptable for the original vehicle manufacturer to deny warranty coverage on the basis of installation of a tuning chip or other aftermarket car part or truck part. Therefore, we work hard to prove that the defect did not involve the aftermarket product, but rather the original automotive parts.

We also handle auto warranty litigation involving:

  • Breached used car warranty claims
  • Breached extended warranty claims
  • Other auto warranty claims

Contact our experienced trial lawyer for exceptional representation in auto warranty litigation. We will fight to assert your rights.