Case Summaries

Warranty Claims: The Firm has litigated warranty claims against GM, Dodge Chrysler, Ford regarding the installation of aftermarket performance products and the manufacture denying warranty claims by the owner for engine and drive train failures. The Firm has been successful in all cases. These cases primarily dealt with the presents of a performance "chip" and diesel engine failures. The Firm currently represents a major national manufacturer of performance chips.

Contract Litigation: The Firm has represented an entertainment promoter in the pursuit to recover damages as a result of performer non-performance. Recovered in excess of $600,000.00 damages and fees for our client.

Native American Rights: The Firm has represented Native Americans in land, contract, animal rights matters. These matters have been both in the state courts of Georgia and the Tribal Counsel courts.

Business Litigation: Represented our client against a national firm in a franchise dispute in the Superior Court of Fulton County in an effort to rescind the franchise agreement. The Firm was successful in the pursuit of the rescission and recovered damages for our client.

Business Matters: The Firm has successfully negotiated and completed purchase and sale agreements for several national businesses and local companies.

Governmental Agencies: The Firm has represented a nation-wide non-profit agency in their quest to change local, state and national laws. These cases have taken the Firm from the state and federal courts to an application to The United States Supreme Court.

Other Civil Cases

  • Contract dispute in DeKalb County between a house mover and an investor who bought old homes, moved them to new locations and refurbished them.
  • Represented employer in federal court who was sued by an employee after the employee was terminated for sending sexually explicit emails to his subordinates.
  • Represented mother and minor child in probate court in DeKalb County after husband died unexpectedly leaving a great amount of debt. Ms. Webre obtained a year's support for the widow and child and protected their home from the deceased's creditors.
  • Successfully represented employee in a breach of contract dispute in DeKalb County against former employer.
  • Recovered monies for home purchasers in Douglas County, Forsyth County and Newton County for faulty construction or failure of sellers to disclose known defects in the homes.

Criminal - Probable Cause Hearing

During February 2009 I was retained by a gentleman that had been served with an application for criminal arrest warrant regarding allegations of Simple Assault and Battery by a co-worker in Fulton County. Such an application sets up a probable cause hearing to determine whether the arrest warrant should issue and the defendant be arrested, or whether the application should be denied and the case dismissed. In this circumstance, the probable cause hearing is the first, best place to have such a case resolved in the alleged Defendant's favor. This can be difficult because the burden to show probable cause and to obtain an arrest warrant is relatively minor. To obtain the warrant all that needs to be shown is that it is more likely than not that a criminal act took place. This is very different from the burden of proof to convict a person of a crime, that is, it is beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the criminal act. I was successful in showing that there was no criminal intent on the part of the Defendant and while there was an unfortunate event at the workplace, it was not a matter that rose to the level of conduct warranting criminal prosecution. The Court agreed and determined that there was no probable cause to issue the warrant and dismissed the application. This effectively terminated the case before it really ever got started. My client escaped that predicament with no arrest record and no conviction or plea record.

Hot Tub Law

The firm has represented a North Georgia Cabin rental entity that could not get zoned to have hot tubs with their rental cabins. The client was losing bookings because they could not use hot tubs at their cabins. Hot tubs usage falls under the Tourist Accommodation Act, and are regulated just like public pools. The Act requires submittal and approval of plans and architectural diagrams, and supervision of the actual build to plans of a hot tub - virtually impossible for any pre-manufactured hot tub. We worked with the client and the State Department of Health and Resources, Environmental Health Section to find a solution that would satisfy the County and State.