European study finds women are happier after divorce

European study finds women are happier after divorce

A study recently released out of London's Kingston University and published in the journal Economica found that woman were significantly happier after a divorce compared to "their own average or baseline level of happiness throughout their lives." The study, which contradicts previous findings by the Institute for American Values, is controversial. Previous research released by the Institute in 2002 found unhappily married couples who divorced experienced no changes in their emotional wellbeing compared to similar unhappy couples that remained married.

Although the researchers with the European study are not recommending divorce is the best option for every struggling couple, their findings are encouraging for those who find themselves in an unhappy marriage grappling with the difficult decision of whether or not to file for a divorce.

Details of the study

The Kingston University study surveyed over 10,000 people throughout Europe aged 16 to 60. The researchers conducted the study over a span of twenty years. Those involved were asked by the researchers to record their level of happiness after major life milestones, like a divorce.

According to Kingston University News, the study focused on something called adaptation. The term refers to the psychological process that is triggered when an individual goes through a traumatic event, such as divorce. The results from the study indicate that women were able to adapt and live happier lives compared to their male counterparts and peers who remained in struggling marriages.

Divorce in Georgia

Couples who are struggling with their marriages and considering divorce need to be aware that the laws governing divorce can vary with each state. For example, Georgia offers 13 different grounds for divorce. The first is that the marriage is irretrievably broken, also known as no-fault. The other 12 grounds for divorce are based on fault and include adultery, desertion, abuse and drug addiction.

In order to receive a divorce in Georgia, a document is filed with the court explaining the grounds for the divorce and outlining the details of the current situation. This includes the current living arrangements, whether or not children are present in the marriage and where they are living as well as a list of debts and assets.

Generally, an uncontested divorce can be completed in about a month while a contested divorce can take significantly longer. A divorce can be granted without full court involvement if the couple can devise an agreement outlining the division of property and child custody arrangements.

Navigating the various issues that can arise with a divorce and properly preparing the paperwork can be difficult. If you are considering a divorce, it is wise to contact an experienced Georgia firm to discuss your situation and better ensure a successful outcome.