Ask tough questions to determine whether divorce is right for you

Many television shows and movies make it appear as if the decision to file for divorce is simple and a matter that couples readily agree on. The reality, of course, is that the decision to pursue divorce requires spouses to make choices that are sometimes emotionally and practically difficult. Before taking the final action to file divorce papers, couples should ask themselves tough questions to ensure that they can move on without regrets or doubts.

It is important for couples to think about whether they have discussed their problems with each other openly and honestly. Is it possible that issues external to the relationship, such as those arising at work, are the root cause of present difficulties? Are the difficulties so severe that they have caused irreparable damage?

The fundamental question is whether each spouse wants to make an attempt to make the relationship work. If the answer is yes, then couples owe it to themselves to develop a plan to save their relationship and see it through. Of course, trying to answer this very basic question can be extremely difficult.

In some cases, it may be helpful for couples to ask themselves and each other some basic questions. For example, is it possible for them to fall back in love? If they can identify major issues or behaviors contributing to the decline of their relationship, is it possible to come to some sort of compromise? Are their core beliefs the same as when they first got married or have they changed over time? Does either spouse see it as a relief when the other person is not around? Are they no longer compatible as a couple?

Deciding to file for divorce is a big decision and it can change the course of person's life for the better. It is important to do everything you can to ensure that you do not second guess your decision. Indeed, divorce can be the best thing for both spouses, but regrets and doubts can make it difficult to be as happy as you deserve to be. Being as honest as possible about your feelings and motivations can be the key to ending your marriage with dignity.

If you are considering whether filing for divorce is the right option for you, consider speaking to a knowledgeable attorney. A attorney can explain the divorce process and help you think about your options.